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Episkopi Paphos Environmental Information Centre

The Environmental Information Centre in the village of Episkopi some 12km from Paphos includes a reception hall, exhibition hall, a screening room, environmental education room and a workshop while the centre’s exterior will host a botanical garden.

The exhibition hall contains various photographs, stuffed animals and birds, audiovisual presentations of the natural environment, butterfly and insect collections, wood and geological exhibits. Inside the screening room, visitors can watch a film production on local flora and fauna, vegetation, traditional buildings and other important elements of the region.

The exhibition area was completely constructed by our staff. The four dioramas were a challenge. The river, steppes, bushy areas and mountains with their corresponding wildlife and birds were successfully recreated. The problems of limited space were solved by smoothly blending the scenery.  The Botanical gardens were planted by our expert associate Yiannos Orphanos owner of (O Dendros Nursery).
Architect, nature photographer Christodoulos Makris was in charge of this project.

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