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The Theatrical Museum

of Cyprus

Museologist Sophia Antoniadou and Architect Skevi Farazi worked with our experienced team to create this unique museum. One of the many challenges we faced was the construction of the central showcase. We designed 2 special door opening systems in order not to interfere visually with the interior or exterior surface. The careful choice of materials, colors and prints create an interesting contrast with the exhibits. The museum is housed in the Panos Solomonides Cultural Center in Limassol and is well worth visiting.

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PSEK Museum

Pagkyprios Syndesmos Efedron Katadromeon


This museum was entirely constructed by our teams. Designer-Museologist Polina Papantoniou 

worked very closely with our design department

and the result shows what can be achive even in a very limited space. 

LED & electroluminescent lighting was used for energy consumption and the protection of the exhibits.

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Linos Kakopetria

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