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Ever since the inception of the company we have strived and succeeded in becoming the leaders in our field of intrest. Unique in the services we offer as a one-stop-(art) shop. And all projects we undertake are marked with our personal touch and vision. It has become standard practice when professionals and individuals reach a technical impasse to: "Go to the CAMASSA TOUCH. If they can't help you, nobody can!"

We have bridged the gap between art knowledge & technical expertise and one proud to have associated with some of the most creative and endorsing projects in Cyprus.
Quality and deadlines are foremost in our practice thus.
Our 1950 sq.m workshop & offices located just outside Nicosia is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and work with experienced employees. Everything is done in-house which allows us to have control

over quality & deadlines.

From the inception of an idea to the final presentation of a creative process
we offer:
1. Design services
2. High resolution printing
3. CNC machining
4. Metalworks
5. Woodworks
6. Painting chamber
7. Foam cutting
8. Acrylic thermoforming

No material is stranger to us. The knowledge and experience we have with different kind of materials makes us unique in offering varied & creative solutions to each project.

We are proud representatives of many industry leaders for Cyprus & Middle East.

MBA Germany modular walls

FLOREA d. sign museum technique

FRANK uniquely frank



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